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Voting System & Comments

The data collection of useful and actionable data that is a key part of the central to the GPC Series.  It is will be compiled through an on-site electronic voting system that will be managed by Kenes, the Professional Conference Organiser of the GPC Series.  The data generated in response to each Core Question​ will be captured through multiple choice answers and open “chats” or open comments. In order to analyse potentially differing responses from various stakeholders involved in dispute resolution, each participant will be identified as either a(n):

  1. User
    E.g., a client or party involved in commercial or civil disputes
    E.g., director, executive, manager, partner, in-house counsel
  2. Advisor
    E.g., external lawyer, consultant, expert, etc.
  3. Service Adjudicative Provider: Litigation or Arbitration
    E.g., judge, arbitrator or administrator of such services.
  4. Consensual Provider: Mediation or Conciliation
    E.g., mediator, conciliator or administrator of such services.
  5. Other
    E.g., researcher, educator, policy maker, government employee, etc.

For an example of the voting results and comments, please see the data from the London Test Pilot (2014):

  • ​London Delegate Voting Results​
    ​​Click here to view the results from London.
  • ​London Delegate Comments During the Co​nve​ntion
    Click here to view contemporaneous comments from delegates via iPads.​​