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Advisory Board

Central Organising Group - Advisory Board

​The COG Executive Committee is assisted by a COG Advisory Board of >60 people that meet on a monthly basis via Internet and is run by the Coordinator of the COG Executive Committee (Jeremy Lack).  It consists of:

  • One representative appointed by each Local Organising Committee (LOC)
  • One representative appointed by each General Partner
  • One representative appointed by each Sponsor, and
  • The COG’s Academic Committee.​

The COG Advisory Board’s provides input to the COG Executive Committee and enables all LOCs to be in contact with one-another on a regular basis, and share information with other LOCs and General Partners.  It also provides feedback and raises issues for the COG Executive Committee that require decisions at a global level. It meets on the last Wednesday of every month and is consulted on all core questions and documents prepared by the LOC Executive Committee.

A full list of members will appear here shortly.

Please use our Contact Us Page should you have any questions for the COG Advisory Board or local core questions you would like to add to the topics for discussion at certain local GPC events.