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Academic Committee

​The COG Advisory Board comprises a committee of academic experts on all traditional forms of dispute resolutions, who have been asked to oversee the quality of the data being gathered and verify its statistical relevance. 
This academic committee is headed by Prof. Barney Jordaan, and includes the following ADR experts:  ​
  • Prof. Barney Jordaan (Belgium)
  • Dr. Amel Abdallah (Oman)
  • Dr. Dalma R. Demeter (Australia)​
  • Prof Ann-Sophie De Pauw (Belgium, France) 
  • Dr. Remy Gerbay (UK & USA)​
  • Dr. Geneviève Helleringer (France & UK)
  • Ms. Daniel​le Hutchinson​ (Australia)
  • Prof. Joel Lee/Lee Tye Beng (Singapore)
  • Ms. ​Emma-May Litchfield (Australia)
  • Prof. Amel Kamel (Oman)
  • Prof. Lela Love (USA)
  • Prof. Ian MacDuff (Ne​w Zealand)
  • Prof. Peter Phillips (USA)
  • Prof. Alan Rycroft (South Africa)
  • Prof. Donna Shestowsky (USA)
  • Prof. Alain Laurent Verbeke (Belgium)