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ADR in South Africa: A Brief Overview

Some of the challenges that have faced many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa in the administration of justice can be attributed to the over-reliance on the courts in the resolution of all forms of disputes, even where other forms of dispute resolution would have been more appropriate. South Africa has one of the fastest developing alternative dispute resolution (ADR) systems in Africa. This can be partly credited to the numerous NGOs financed by donors who undertook ADR efforts throughout South Africa before the transition of government during apartheid. One of the most notable NGOs that facilitated ADR mechanisms, is the Independent Mediation Service of South Africa (IMSSA). Read more

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MediatorTV: Episode 9


In this week’s episode, Professor Nadja Alexander and Aled Davies look at the seven biggest global trends in Mediation coming up in 2017.

Because it is Family Mediation Week in the UK this week, the episode includes a number of stories on family mediation but not all in the UK. Philippa Johnson is a special guest on the show, an experienced family mediator and also vice-chair of the Family Mediators Association, she speaks about the special focus this year on the child in family mediation.

The episode also looks at family and divorce mediation in Singapore, as well as some disruptive technology emerging in the US in the form of the Centre for Out of Court Divorce.

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