Articles of Interest

​​Below are select articles of interest submitted by professionals from around the world​.

If you would like to submit an article or provide a link to an article appearing somewhere else on the Internet that relates to the GPC Series, please email with a subject line “Article for Website.”​

Please check that you have the permission to send us a copy of any such article for insertion into this website. 

  • Ambitious Goals and Global Plans by Mansi Karol – access here
  • ​IMI 2016 International Mediation & ADR Survey Results – link to download (external)​
  • Why is Mediation like a Cactus? Forum for Mediation and Arbitration – access here​​
  • Cross-border mediation​: the same, but different…, M.A. Schonewille – access here
  • IMI Competency Criteria for Investo​r-State Mediators – access here
  • CPR European Mediation and ADR Guide – access here​
  • CPR Prevention Practice Materials: Reducing Disputes Through Wise Prevention Processes in Business Agreements ​- acces​​​s here
  • CPR Conflict Prevention Ini​tiative: Reducing disputes through wise prevention processes ​ – access h​ere
  • ADR Quadrilingual Pocket Book: The Key Terms for Translators, Jean A. Mirimanoff and Marco Pons​ – access her​e
  • Awarding Costs in International Arbitration , Lawrence W. Newman and David Zaslowsky, New York Law Journal – access here