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Press Releases

Arti​cles on the GPC Series

  • The 2016 Global Pound Conference Series! by Deborah Masucci on Kluwer Mediation Blog, May 2015 Read here​​​​​
  • The “Global Pound Conference” by F. Peter Phillips​ on Business Conflict Management, May 2015​ Read here​
  • We can work it out: litigation special report ​by Tabby Kinder on The Lawyer, ​Oct 2015 Read h​ere​​​​ ​​
  • GPC Series - an opportunity for corporations to benchmark themselves by Alex Oddy on LinkedIn Pulse, Feb 2016 Read here
  • The Global Pound Conference Series​ by Deborah Masucci, Michael McIlwrath, and Jeremy Lack in the ​​​American Bar Association Dispute Resolution Magazine​​, Winter 2016 Read here​
  • ​Why the Global Pound Conference Matters by Ben Turin on omediation, Apr 2016 Read here​
  • The Future of Dispute Management and Resolution: Determining the Needs of Users Through the Global Pound Conference? by Deborah Masucci, Michael McIlwrath and Jeremy Lack​ in the New York Dispute Resolution Lawyer, Summer 2016 Read here​
  • Mediation News​ - Thi​s Week in Mediation - Episode 2 by Aled Davies​​, Oct​ 2016 Read​ here​​​
  • A Look Back On, And Forward To, The Global Pound Conference by Ksenia Koriukalova in Alternatives to the High Costs of Litigation, Dec 2016 Read here

​​​​​​Articles on the GPC Series Paris

  • Résolution des litiges : la médiation s’impose, by Camille Prigent, May 2017 Read Here

Articles on the GPC Series India

  • Anil Xavier Facebook post Read Here
  • E-magazine - The Indian Arbitrator Volume 9, Issue 2, March | April 2017 Read Here
  • IIAM Website Read Here

Articles on the GPC Series Hong Kong​​​​​

  • Litigate, Arbitrate, or Mediate? Putting It All on the Table at the Global Pound Conference in Hong Kong, January 2017 Read Here
  • Global Pound Conference, Hong Kong Asian Dispute Review, January 2017 Read Here

Articles on the GPC Series Amsterdam​​​​​

  • Op weg naar de geschilbeslechting van de toekomst, January 2017 Read Here

Articles on the GPC Series Bangkok​​​​​

  • The First ADR Week in Thailand by THAC: Thailand Arbitration Center Read Here

​​​Articles on the GPC Series Austin​​​​​

  • Dont Torch the Joint Session by Eric Galton and Tracy Allen, Dispute Resolution Magazine Read Here
  • Understanding Why Lawyers Resist Mediation by Don Peters, Levin College of Law at the University of Florida Read Here
  • Why and How Businesses Use Planned Early Dispute Resolution by John Lande and Peter w. Benner, 13 Univ. of St. Thomas Law Journal (2017) Read Here

Arti​cles on the GPC Series​ Berlin

  • Wat willen bedrijven nu echt? by Manon Schonewille, January 2017 Read Here

Arti​cles on the GPC Series​ Lagos

  • Lagos hosts Global Pound Conference June 30 by Godwin Dunia, THE GUARDIAN, June 2016​ ​​​Read Here​​​
  • Ex-AGF canvasses online dispute resolution mechanism by Kayode Omoyele, TODAY, July 2016 ​​​Read​ Here​​​
  • Ex-AGF canvasses online dispute resolution By Innocent Anaba, Vanguard, July 2016 Read Here
  • Glo​bal Pound Conference will encompass all forms of dispute resolution, says Justice Phillips By Joseph Onyekwere, The Guardian​, June 2016 Read Here​
  • Lagos hosts Global Pound Conference June 30 By Godwin Dunia, The Guardian, June 2016 Read Here​
  • Ex-AGF canvasses online dispute resolution mechanism Daily Nigeria News, July 2016 Read Here
  • Lagos hosts Global Pound Conference June 30 Daily Nigeria News, June 2016 Read Here​
  • EX-AGF, Ojo, advocates specialisation among judges By Ramon Oladimeji, Punch Read Here​
  • Lagos hosts Global Pound Conference June 30 Of Counsel Nigeria, June 2016 Read Here​

Arti​cles on the GPC Series​ Singapore

  • What Happens in Singapore, Does Not Stay in Singapore by Deborah Masucci on Kluwer Mediation Blog Read here More on the Global Pound Conference by Ian MacDuff in response to D​eborah Masucci post Read here
  • Data will defeat “the deadening drag of status quoism” The Global Pound Conference Series has kicked off by ​Michael Leathes​ on Read here
  • Global Pound Conference Series launched in Singapore by Dalma Demeter on​​ International Arbitration Asia Read here​​
  • The Future of Dispute Resolution - Globalisation by Stephanie Kemp on ​Westworth Kemp Consultants​ Read h​ere​​
  • Why is mediation like a cactus? by Martin Svatoš​ on Kluwer Mediation Blog Read here
  • Mediation looks to Singapore by Ben Rigby on CDR-News Read here​
  • Global Pound Conference series on the future of dispute resolution kicks off with first event in Singapore on 17-18 March 2016​​ by Herbert Smith Freehills​ Dispute Resolution ADR Notes Read here
  • Global Pound Conference (GPC) Series 2016-2017 by Mary Walker, Australian Alternative Dispute Resolution Bulletin, May 2016 Read Here

Arti​cles on the GPC Series​ Geneva

  • Genève berceau de l’arbitrage by Vincent Subilia and Valériane Oreamuno, L'AGEFI, September 2016 Read Here​​​
  • Défense de la raison face à l’é​motion​ by Christian Affolter, L'AGEFI, September 2016​ Read Here

Arti​cles on the GPC Series​ New York

  • New York’s Global Pound Conference by F. Peter Phillips, Business Conflict Management, September 2016 Read Here​
  • Designing the Future of Dispute Resolution Globally ​, September 2016 Read Here​ 

Arti​cles on the GPC Series​ Mexico City

  • The Mexico City Global Pound Conference Global Pound Conference Blog, September 2016 Read Here
  • Mexico sede de la Global Pound Conference Series by Diana Rayes, EL MUNDO DEL ABOGADO, Oct  2016​​ ​​​Read Here​​​
  • Mexico City-based partner Antonio Prida featured in journal El Mundo del Abogado, Nov 2016 Re​ad Here​

Interviews with Panelists at GPC Series Singapore

​Watch interviews by Conventus Law​ with speakers, panelists and participants about sessions they had just been a part of - Gain their insights and reactions! All interviews - Watch hereHow to improve dispute resolution & access to justice?

What factors influence users on their decisions to utilise ADR? 

 Measures to Save Time and Costs for Users in Arbitration 

Merits & challenges of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) 

Tensions between in-house and external counsel 

How to alleviate tensions between in-house & external counsel ​​

Why is mediation like a cactus?