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  • The Odyssey of Mediation in Greece December 5, 2019
    In May 2018, the profile of mediation in Greece suddenly rose with the enactment of mandatory mediation for certain civil disputes, a development considered by some to be a contradiction to the voluntary nature of mediation. Theoretically, mediation was not new: the well-known EU Directive 2008/52/EC was incorporated into the national legal system with LawContinue […]
    Kalliopi Letsiou
  • What happens when the mediator is the block to resolution? December 4, 2019
    IMI Certified Mediator Sarah Blake has been conducting an Advanced Dispute Resolution Seminar Series. One recent event asked “what happens when the mediator is the block to resolution”, and resulted in the below document, which looks at hurdles and potential resolutions, as well as questions for lawyers to consider asking. Have you ever been partContinue […]
    Laura Skillen
  • New mediators should not see mediation practice as a business—an interview with Ting-kwok IU December 2, 2019
    Young Mediators Initiative manager, Angela Herberholz, recently spoke with Hong-Kong-based mediator Ting-kwok IU about his mediation career. Recently I had the privilege of speaking with Ting-kwok IU about his mediation career. TK is a successful mediator based in Hong Kong who describes himself as “a humble servant” and “a lifelong learner.” In 2010 he enjoyed hisContinue […]
    Angela Herberholz

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