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  • Crab Fights: Mediating The Future Of Svalbard’s Resources March 11, 2019
    Not many people know that since 2015, the European Union and Norway have been in a dead-lock over crabs. The Snow Crab Conflict has far-reaching implications for Norway’s vast seafood and energy wealth, and the stalemate is ripe for mediation. The fight for the snow crab The snow crab wandered into Norwegian waters from RussiaContinue […]
    Ola Eloranta
  • Processing fees for QAP applications February 26, 2019
    IMI Qualifying Assessment Programs qualify Mediators and Mediation Advocates to become IMI Certified. Qualifying Assessment Programs, or QAPs, are run by organisations located around the world. (Find your nearest QAP here.) Until now, applying to register a QAP has been free-of-charge, and all work by IMI as well as by members of the Appraisal CommitteeContinue […]
    Laura Skillen
  • Launch of the Worldwide Mediator Mentorship Program February 12, 2019
    The time has come to change the perception and value of young mediators on the worldwide mediation landscape. Five major actors of the mediation world have joined forces to create a unique WORLDWIDE MEDIATION MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME (WMMP):  IMI’s Young Mediators’ Initiative (YMI), the International International Academy of Mediators (IAM), Institut Français de Certification des Médiateurs (IFCM), Instituto de Certificaçao eContinue […]
    Angela Herberholz

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The Global Pound Conference Series 2016-2017

Initiated by the International Mediation Institute (a not-for-profit organisation), the Global Pound Conference (GPC) Series 2016-17 will facilitate the development of 21st century commercial dispute resolution tools, at domestic, regional and international levels. We invite you to get involved. 
Launched in Singapore and finishing in London in 2017, the GPC Series is a not-for-profit global project that will convene all stakeholders in dispute resolution - commercial parties,  chambers of commerce, lawyers, academics, judges, arbitrators, mediators, policy makers, government officials, and others - at conferences around the world. Currently scheduled to take place in 40 cities across 31  countries, t hese conferences will provoke debate on existing tools and techniques, stimulate new ideas and generate actionable data on what corporate and individual dispute resolution users actually need and want, both locally and globally.
Be part of the Global Pound Conference Series and help shape the future of dispute resolution.  >>Why should I attend a local event?